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Department of Psychology

Faculty & Staff Directory

Sandra J. Kelly

Carolina Trustee Professor
Department of Psychology
University of South Carolina

Office: Barnwell 407
Phone Number: (803) 777-7610
Vitae: Download PDF

Dr. Sandra Kelly received her Ph.D. from McGill University in behavioral neuroscience in 1985.  Her postdoctoral training was at the University of Iowa and SUNY Albany pior to beginning as an assistant professor here at the University of South Carolina in 1988. Her research has used a rat model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders to investigate the impact of alcohol exposure during development on social behavior and the underlying brain changes. She has also investigated brain and behavioral differences between mice strains and the behavioral and brain changes seen in animal models of biomedical disorders.  Dr. Kelly is currentl in the process of developing a new line of work looking at the neural correlates of consciousness and meditative states in people. 

Representative Publications: 

  1. Shorter, K. R., Owen, A., Anderson, V., Hall-South, A., Hayford, S., Cakora, P., Crossland, J. P., Georgi, V. R. M., Perkins, A., Kelly, S. J., Felder, M. R., and Vrana, P. B.   (2014) Natural genetic variation underlying differences in Peromyscus Repetitive & Social/Aggressive Behaviors.  Behavioral Genetics 44: 125-135.

  2. Perkins, A. E., Fadel, J. R. and Kelly, S. J. (2015) The effects of postnatal alcohol exposure and galantamine on the context pre-exposure facilitation effect and acetylcholine efflux using in vivo microdialysis.  Alcohol 49:  193-205.  

  3. Grillo, C., Piroli, G., Lawrence, R., Wrighten, S., Evans, A., Green, A., Wilson, S. Sakai, R., Kelly, S. Wilson, M., Mott, D. and Reagan, L.  (2015) Downregulation of hippocampal insulin receptor expression impairs spatial learning and synaptic plasticity. Diabetes 64: 3927-3936.